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SALT methodology: what is it?

SALT is AFFIRM's core approach – a way of working:

Diagram showing perspective on SALT – integrated strategy, core activites, the centre, neighbouring communities, family and community

SALT is represented as a schematic diagram. It shows us as:

SALT visits

A 'SALT visit' contains:

SALT should normally happen as a series of visits, not just one. Besides anything else relationships are important. That means going back.

SALT – what it stands for

SALT is an easy way of remembering four letters and the ideas each of them represents. SALT also alludes to the powerful characteristic of salt – that a small amount (such as in food) has a big effect.

The letters of SALT help us to recall and focus on ideas as follows:

Further detail on SALT is provided in the SALT protocol document [PDF 457KB]. It includes:

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