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GLoCon – 'global local community conversation'

30 years, 20 countries and 39 communities – thus began AFFIRM's 'GLoCon', short for 'Global Local Community Conversation'.

GLoCon involved visiting the communities in which AFFIRM associates had worked by HCR (see how we work). It was a longitudinal study that also aimed to express appreciation and to stimulate even more local response.

Film and exhibition

GLoCon is now the subject of a documentary film and exhibition called TOGETHER.

Other materials from GLoCon include:

Story of the story

GLoCon came about through conviction … as Ian Campbell recounts:

"I recall waking up in 2011 feeling we should go back to some communities that had persevered, and thank them directly. We would invite historically-linked organisations such as TSA and others, and see if they wanted to learn also.

"Most times some people joined and always they became inspired and encouraged to go back to the basics of a community centric approach.

"GLoCon's message for the future is … go straight to the local living space. Systems and structures will follow and can adapt. More is achieved at hardly any cost than can happen with expensive short-lived interventions cooked up from a systems mindset. Relational links matter most."

GLoCon is an expression of AFFIRM's vision and direction. It refers to the regular practice of listening face-to-face with local community, in locations where sustained action for care and change is happening, and where the relationship with AFFIRM facilitators is well established, thereby enabling rapid assimilation and synthesis of learning, and application.

For the future at least one country per year will be visited by an AFFIRM team to learn from the sustained local community story, and to thank, encourage, and connect the community.

The core approach for each GLoCon experience is SALT protocol.


GLoCon has been a long and ambitious journey of faith. AFFIRM's associates and affiliates gratefully thank GLoCon's volunteers, partners and financial supporters. These include …

Local community leaders members and friends in:

The Salvation Army:

These organisations:

Key persons:

And not least:

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