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Many Hands initiative

About us

Jon Everett with Elvis Simamvwa & Ian Campbell, all of Affirm, visited in February 2022, and were introduced by Mark Hampande, the Lochinvar National Park Ranger, to Ruth Kalukangu, who is the Head Teacher & the school pupils.

The strong community relationships were evident by the inclusion of 100 pupils from the Twa community & the families located 40 km from the main gate, on the islands of the Kafue River flats.

Ruth raised her concern about safe clean dormitory and toilet facilities for the children from distant communities, especially the Twa. The Twa children board at the school and use a basic shelter for sleeping. A basic Ministry of Health clinic is locally available 8 km from the school, which needs upgrading.

Jon reflected on the interaction, and has initiated the ‘Many Hands’ project out of respect and appreciation of what has been achieved & to help address current practical challenges of the school & local community.

You are welcome to join us on a journey

What we aim to do

We aim to "do" the following:


We have a growing team of supporters who are passionate about the vision of Many Hands, believing in community transformation. The team below are based in both the UK & Zambia ...

  • Jon Everett – Project lead UK and Affirm Facilitation Associate
  • Elvis Simamvwa – Project Lead Zambia, Affirm and Arukah
  • Ruth Kalukangu – Lochinvar, Zambia Head Teacher
  • Ian Campbell – SALT and Affirm Associate UK Lead
  • Alison Campbell – Affirm Facltion Associates and SALT Facilitator
  • Amanda McLoughlin – Community Services The Salvation Army
  • Mark McFirster Hampande – Ranger, Lochinvar National Park
  • Emma Heath – Project, recovery and Admin Support.

How you can help

To complete our project we have a target to raise of £31,000.

Here are some events that are taking place:

You can donate either online or directly directly to the bank accout:

For a sponsor pack and guide to fundraising contact Jon at or Elvis at

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