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Facilitation Associates Responding to HIV and Ebola
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--A community of practice for facilitating response to critical issues--


We share a vision of strengthening the capacity of local communities to respond to HIV, AIDS and Ebola and to other conflict issues relating to health and development.

Facilitation of Human Capacity Development for Response (HCR) enhances care, prevention and action by communities. It also increases their ability to respond to other critical issues. Read More...

Our Vision

We share the vision that communities can make decisions, care, act together and change themselves. A facilitation team approach enables this to happen.

This is in contrast to the dominant focus on being 'intervened at', or receiving provision. Read More...


A Global Local Community Conversation

Launch of GLoCon documentary

The much-awaited GLoCon documentary film is being launched! Look for it here on 3 August!

The film showcases the learnings from 20 years of working by facilitation rather than conventional aid.

It features four local communities – one each from Zambia, USA (Atlanta), China and India. It shows change and hope being sustained by critical co-factors:

  • The local community leads the response.
  • Organisations and systems adapt to that local response.
  • Communities transfer learning to other communities.
  • Personal faith is powerful.

The film follows GLoCon - a year-long conversation across 39 communities and 20 countries.

GLoCon is the first ever longitudinal study of such community experience. Its purpose was:

  • to express appreciation and to stimulate even more local response, and
  • to find out the long term effects of working with communities by facilitation.

The documentary is intended to make the story more accessible.

For details, stories, quotes and pictures of significant change, click on the interactive map.

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The conversation continues - how will you join it?

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